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Classes, Workshops and Retreats in Shamanism

Hosting Events by Adam Kane and Al Romao

If you own a shop, retreat center, or studio or know of someone who does and would like to host a class, workshop, training, or retreat- please feel free to contact us to discuss the potential.
Here is a list of some of the events that we have hosted in the past to get an idea of what potentials may exist.

  • Annual Shamanic Retreat at Murray Grove - The Path of Destiny
  • Peruvian Mesa Practice Introduction Weekend Intensive
  • Calling Forth Prosperity
  • Traveling the Medicine Wheel
  • Dreaming Your World Into Being
  • Intermediate Shamanic Healing Techniques
  • Celebrate Earth Day with a Shamanic Ceremony of Healing
  • Prayers Bundles for Health, Happiness, and Prosperity
  • Comforting Grief: Soothing the Soul Through Shamanism- 4 hour workshop
  • Sacred Pipe Ceremony
  • Despacho (sacred bundle) Ceremony
  • Finding Freedom from Repressed Emotions: Indigenous Practices from South America
  • Medicine for the Earth
  • Tibetan Shamanic Techniques for Rekindling Personal Power
  • Introduction to Shamanism
  • Shamanism for Beginners
  • The Mayan Calendar and Astrology
  • Shamanic Healing Techniques
  • Two Year Apprenticeship in Shamanic Techniques and Healing
  • Community Sacred Pipe Ceremony
  • Healing Rhythms- drum healing circle
  • Shamanic Wisdom of Ancient Egypt - Full Day Class
  • Egyptian Shamanic Wisdom
  • The Mayan Empowering Rites of the Malinalli
  • Encountering the Wisdom Kept in Stones
  • Healing Ancestral Wounds
  • Healing Journeys Through Sound and Meditation
  • Healing the Inner Dragon
  • Keepers of the Earth- Weekend Retreat in Connecting to and Protecting the Land
  • Shamanic Techniques for Energetic Protection and Clearing
  • Releasing the Past
  • Shamanic Prayer as a Bridge to the Spirit
  • Picking Up the Pieces Through Soul Retrieval
  • Spirit as Father
  • Spirits of Shamanism- Weekend Retreat in Creating Relationships with the Archetypal Spirits
  • Spiritual Purification Through Sound and Song
  • Introduction to the Peruvian Mesa Practice
  • Journeying Back to Wholeness - residential retreat in New Jersey
  • Ayahuasca Retreat to the Peruvian Andes