The Shaman's Tent

Shamanic Healing, Classes, Ceremonies and Supplies

What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is a spiritual practice dating back to prehistoric times. It has been practiced by indigenous people throughout the world. The practice of shamanism uses drumming, rattling, and song to place a shaman in an altered state of consciousness so that he/she can communicate with the spirit world and seek aid from the helping spirits. This is done for purposes of healing, divination, and self exploration.

The spirits that are worked with in shamanism are those of our spirit guides, power animals, ancestors, and the spirits of nature and the land. When a shamanic practitioner calls upon their spirits it is done as a partnership. The relationship between shamanic practitioner and spirit is the same as any relationship in life- it is founded on establishing a bond of friendship, trust, and respect. A shamanic practitioner is quite simply a liaison between those that reside in ordinary reality and those that reside in the spirit worlds.

The practice of Shamanism believes that every physical, mental, or emotional illness has a spiritual illness or imbalance that causes it. Shamanic practitioners enter non-ordinary reality to work in conjunction with spirit guides and spirit helpers to remove harmful energy and to restore a clients personal power and strength. This enables physical, mental, and emotional healing to start by removing the spiritual illness at its core.