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Divination during healing ceremonies

 Divination StonesDivination is the practice of asking the divine (the benevolent spirits and the creator) for guidance and asking the divine to speak through the patterns or tools that we work with in physical reality. Divination in shamanism is often worked with through candle readings, drum divination, the throwing of stones or bones, or the drawing and sorting of natural items such as seeds.

When divination is done as part of a healing ceremony it is not not for predictive reasons but to ask for clarity on the present circumstances and to gain understanding into the healing that a person is in need of. Our most common question posed to the spirits during this type of divination is "What is the nature of the healing and spiritual medicine that this person is in need of at this time?".

Performing divination such as this gives us the ability to place focus where it belongs instead of letting our human thoughts dictate the nature of the healing. It also gives opportunity for circumstances that a client may not be conscious of to come to the surface.

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