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Extraction Healing

Luis TamaniThrough our lives and our daily contact with the physical world we are bombarded by energies and thoughts that do not belong to us. We are the objects of people's expectations, frustrations, resentments, anger, envy, infatuation, and emotion. When these forces are directed to us they may find their way into our energetic field and even embed themselves within our physical being.

This foreign energy can then create blockages and imbalance that leads to physical illness, emotional blockages, and a lack on mental clarity. In the Amazon these energies or known as "poison darts" because they stick in our being and slowly poison us over time.

Sometimes these energies are sent in words or statements in which case they may become "curses". A "curse" is often a statement that is said to us when we are in a weakened state or with such intensity that we take it in and accept it as a truth. Examples of this are being told that we are "worthless", "stupid", "won't amount to anything", or that "no one will love you". Often these statements are made with no awareness of the harm that they can do.
Extraction healing is one of the spiritual practices that shamans work with to remove these intrusive energies, "poison darts", or "curses".

Through the process of Extraction Healing a shaman connects to the helping spirits to scan a person on an energetic/spirit level to detect where these energy intrusions reside. The shaman then lets the helping spirits draw out these energy intrusions from a person. This is typically done by pulling the energy away with the hands or sucking the energy out through cupped hands or a hollow bone (used specifically for healing). The energy is then spit or placed into a vessel (such as a bowl of tobacco water) until it is returned back to the earth after the healing ceremony.

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