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Khuya Rumi

Khuya RumiThe Khuya Rumi are unique stones that naturally possess healing energy or have been awakened with specific ceremonies to enlist their help in healing the beings of this physical world. The term "Khuya Rumi" roughly translates to "stone of love" or "impassioned stone".

The stones that we work with in our practice have been collected from sacred sites in the Peruvian Andes, the Mayan Lowlands of Central America, and from North America. Some of these stones have been personally collected by ourselves, while others are antiques and have been passed down from generation through generation of healers.

During a shamanic healing the Khuya Rumi are placed on a person and "woken up" through rattling, drumming, or song. When awoken a Khuya Rumi radiates its healing energy and anchors it into the client. Different stones are used for different purposes. Some help in opening and mending the heart, some rekindle personal power, some are spiritual guides and help in accessing visionary experiences, etc.

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