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When we are subjected to energy and forces that are not our own they can cling to us and create blockages or cause harm. This is especially so when we are the focus of someone else's intense emotionChacapa and Limpia, judgment, or envy. These energy first sit on the edge of our energetic field and if not cleared they become more dense and enter into our energetic field.

Limpia is a purification of our energetic field to clear the energies that have become dense enough to cause blockages. It is also used to clear the energy of harm that someone intentionally wishes upon a person (mal ojo, envidia, curses).

We most commonly work with a fan of dried leaves called a chacapa (or shacapa). These leaves come from the Chacapa plant that grows in the Peruvian Amazon. The medicine of this plant is the medicine of drawing harmful energy from a person to carry it deep into the earth where it can do no harm and be transformed back into life energy.

The Chacapa is often used like a rattle as the leaves are shaken to create a rhythmic rustling sound. This calls forth the healing spirits to cleanse a person. The chacapa is also used like a broom to sweep a peron's body down and remove harmful energy that clings to them.

The process is commonly accompanied by challay, which is the ritual spraying of a person with Agua de Florida. Agua de Florida (flowered or exalted water) is a mix of plants and flowers created by the Peruvian medicine people to mimic the smell of the heavenly realms that are visited by shamans during ceremonies. The essence of these heavenly realms comes through in the spraying of Agua de Florida to cleanse and purify a person.

Eggs are also sometimes used in Limpia. The eggs are hollow vessels to hold life and energy- for this reason we use them to draw out energy that has become so dense that it has moved into a person's physical body and may be causing suffering on an emotional or physical level. The eggs are rubbed over a person's body from head to foot to draw out the harmful energy and carry it away from the person. Afterwards the eggs are either burned, buried, or cracked into a glass of water to diagnose the person's ailments.

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