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Power Animal Retrieval

Power AnimalIn shamanic traditions it is believed that every person has a spirit guide and protector that presents themselves in the form of an animal. The popular term in modern shamanism for this type of spirit is "Power Animal", but it is also known as a Totem, Spirit Animal, or Naugal (Nawal).

 This type of spirit is our primary guide, protector, and spiritual ally in life. They serve as a liaison between us and the spirit worlds and watch over us in life to keep us safe from harm. Many cultures believe that if we did not have this protective spirit that we would not live through our early childhood as we are so vulnerable at that young age.

Sometimes through trauma, personal neglect, or spiritual neglect we lose the connection with our Power Animal. When this happens we may feel a loss of energy, a sense of loneliness in the world, a lack of personal power, or a weakened immune system.

 The process of "Power Animal Retrieval" is a technique where the shaman sends their consciousness into the spirit worlds on behalf of the client. This is usually accompanied by rhythmic drumming, rattling, and medicine songs. The shaman then petitions the spirit helpers and healing beings to call forth or find a person's Spirit Animal so that its medicine (healing energy) may be reconnected with the client. This can also be done for a client who is already connected to their Power Animal but needs that connection and energy reactivated or strengthened.

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