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Shamanic Services

Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

Extended length private sessions that combine several shamanic techniques in a ceremonial setting. The ceremony is preceded by spiritual counseling work and divination for the purpose of understanding the nature of the spirit medicine and healing that a client is in need of.

These ceremonies are performed to expose a client to the direct healing power of the compassionate spirits and the spirit worlds.

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Healing Ceremonies are typically 2 hours in length and are $120.
They are offered by Al Romao or Adam Kane
To schedule contact: Al at 732-670-6141 or Adam at 732-859-7386

Shamanic Land Healing

Sound Healing Therapy

Sound healing therapy can be extremely beneficial to a person who is experiencing forms of sleep loss, nightmares, or a loss of connection to a person, place or thing. It enables a person to go deep within their soul's core for healing and transformation.

Sound Healing Therapy is offered by Alvaro Romao who uses many types of sound healing instruments throughout this process. Tibetan singing bowls, African tongue drums, cymbals, rattles, drums, chimes- to name a few. Throughout this session, let the sound bathe you in its vibrations to help purify the mind, body and spirit.

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Sound Healing Sessions are 1 hour in length and are $80
They are offerd by Alvaro Romao
To schedule contact: Al at 732-670-6141