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Soul Retrieval and Soul Calling

Power AnimalSoul Retrieval and Soul Calling are processes of returning a person back to wholeness within themself through shamanic ceremony.

Throughout life we may be exposed to many influences that can cause our spirit to fragment and for us to lose conscious connection to aspects of our self.

In the case of physical or emotional traumas a part of our soul may splitter off in an effort to protect itself. This is also called Susto (which is a fright in the soul). This is a defense system for soul preservation and under "ideal circumstances" the fragment returns on its own. However, we often do not live in "ideal circumstance" in our modern world and may suffer from this soul fragmentation for extended periods of life.

Soul fragmentation (also known as soul loss) may also happen through extended periods of neglect or mistreatment. In these cases aspects of our self are often stifled and repressed- they go so far within that we lose our conscious connection to them. These fragments may also disconnect to seek refuge within places in the spirit world- places where they are able to be taken care of and feel safe. In these cases the fragmented of our soul may never come to realize that it is safe to return again or needs help finding its way back home to be whole again.

When we experience soul fragmentation in life it may be a feeling like part of us is missing or no longer accessible. The things that we were once passionate about no longer hold our interest or joy may be a sensation that is hard to access- we become apathetic about life. Sometimes we may feel "numb" or "dead" inside, or as if we are a passenger in our own body just going along for the ride.

Through Soul Retrieval a shaman enters a trance state so that their consciousness is sent into the spirit worlds (this also includes the deep internal places within a person that are worlds of their own creation). Once there the shaman enlists the help of the healing spirits to find the missing or fragmented parts of the clients soul. These parts are then brought back with the shaman as they return their consciousness back to physical reality and then "blow" these parts back into a person to return them back home into the totality of themself.

Soul Calling is a ceremony in which the shaman enlists the help of the healing spirits to call forth into every corner of every spirit world for the missing soul fragments. A spiritual beacon is then created around the person to enable these parts of the self to find their way home at their own pace. This is like setting up a light house so that the path home is clear to the missing parts.

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