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Spirit Channeling

Shaman with Eagle SpiritWe work very closely with the healing and compassionate spirits within shamanism. They are the beings that best understand the workings of the spirit world and the soul. The process of Spirit Channeling is done to bring these spirits into direct contact with a person to bring healing, spirit medicine, and restoration of the soul.

When Spirit Channeling is offered the shaman calls upon the healing spirits and petitions them to come forth on behalf of the person in need. When the spirits come forth the shaman offers themself to the spirits so that they can inhabit and work through the shaman's body. At this point the shaman's primary job is to serve as a clear vessel for the spirits so that they have a physical vehicle to bring the spirit medicines from their world into ours.

The spirits that are called upon for this work are the primordial spirits of creation. These are beings that have stood watch over our creation/reality since the beginning of time. They watch over all of humanity and over all of the beings of this world. These spirits preserve this reality by maintaining proper balance. When an essence or energy is depleted in our world they restore it by carrying that spirit medicine from their world into ours. The same is done for a person during a healing.

 These spirits are found in the heart of every culture, they are known by different names and are envisioned in different ways, but their essence is the same. Examples of these spirits would be the Bolontiku of the Mayan people, the Neteru of Egypt, the Archangels of Judeo-Christian beliefs, and the Orisha of Africa- just to name a few.

The spirit medicines that they bring forth for a client are channeled into a person's body and soul. This is done through laying of hands, drumming, rattling, and/or singing medicine songs directly to the client. The spirit medicines are the energies that are depleted within a person such as comfort, compassion, mothering or fathering, strength, perseverance, or elemental energy (earth, air, fire, water, space).

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