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One Hour Spirit Doctoring Sessions
offered at Mirabai Bookstore by Adam Kane

Medicine ManDescription

Shamanic Spirit Doctoring is a process of bringing the healing spirits into direct contact with a client. It facilitates healing on physical, mental, and emotional levels for a client. The practitioner connects with guides, spirit helpers, and the spirit worlds on behalf of a client. He then asks for helping spirits to work through him to assist the person in need. The spirits bring their healing through the medicine songs, drum and rattle healing, and laying of hands. It is through this process that harmful energy can be removed from a client and that missing energies can be returned to a client. This creates a balanced environment within a client’s body so that true healing can happen.

What to expect during a spirit doctoring session

We do our best to not modernize or westernize our practices and to work as close as possible to the original indigenous practices. For this reason sessions are very ceremonial in nature and are rich with drums, rattles, chants, spirit channeling and healing songs.

We often sit with a client for a few minutes to get a sense of your goals and to answer any questions that you may have concerning the process.

After this we move into the spirit doctoring work. This is done with the client laying on a massage table. Sessions are performed fully clothed. Each session is started with the burning of sage, cedar, or other healing incense to clear the space and surface energy.

Work is done by the practitioner to call in the healing and benevolent spirits that watch over humanity and the cosmos. Their help is petitioned on behalf of the client for the purification of the body, mind, heart, and soul as well as the bringing in of the spiritual medicines that the client is in need of.

The types of healings that may be incorporated into a spirit doctoring

Location: Mirabai Bookstore, Woodstock, NY
Scheduling: call Mirabai Books directly at: (845) 679-2100
Offered on the first Monday of each month
Cost: $75